And Joy Be Mine Abode

And Joy Be Mine Abode music image

And Joy Be Mine Abode (Solo)


Difficulty Level: Medium

Performed by Staley Carter White

"And Joy Be Mine Abode" encourages us to remember that we are daughters of God, expressing the desire to give away our sins, our fear, and guilt to become like Christ.

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Words: Toni Thomas     Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

When I consider who I am,

The daughter of a king;

Created in His image,

To accomplish holy things;

When I consider all the grace

And wonder I survey

I stand in awe at the love of God

That surrounds me ev'ry day

And I long to know His ways.



I would give away all my sins to know God;

I would sanctify each moment of my life;

I would strip away the pride that I hide inside

To know His peace, sure and sweet.

I would break the chains of guilt and fear

That fetter me and hold me here.

When I have learned to love what Jesus loves

Then shall I know, and joy be mine abode.

Verse 2

When I've forgotten who I am,

The covenants I've made,

And cannot see the purpose

In the heartache that I face;

When I've forgotten that the worth

Of ev'ry soul is great;

That Christ paid the price with His sacrifice

To take my pain away,

Still God remembers, and He waits


Repeat Chorus



We are children of the Father of Lights

From whom all good things flow

Our heritage is happiness,

Our purpose here is to know.


Repeat Chorus