As I Am Loved

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As I Am Loved (Duet)


Difficulty Level: Difficult

"As I Am Loved" teaches the importance of "watchcare"—seeing beyond the surface and learning to love as Christ by serving and being served.

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Words: Toni Thomas     Music: Diane Tuiofu

First Vocalist

In the mirror

A woman smiles at me.

Who knows the sorrow

That hollows me?

Who can sense the loneliness

Of tears I've locked away—

No one near enough to hear

The words I cannot bear to say.

Turn away, begin your day—

So many things to do that will not keep.

In the mirror I see a woman weep.


First Chorus

Father Hear my cries!

Look upon me with Thine Eyes.

Give me strength to bear

The burdens I despair

If it be Thy will

Make my storms be stilled

And let me know that I am loved, that I am loved.

Second Vocalist

In the mirror

I see a woman's face

In her can I measure

The light of grace?

On this day can I repay

Christ's suffering for me?

And love as Jesus loved in Gethsemane?

Turn away, begin the day—

For I have covenants to keep.

In the mirror I remember and I weep.


Second Chorus

Father make me wise!

Let me see with Thine Eyes.

Teach me to watch with care

For any burdens I can share;

Help me understand—

Make me Thy hands

That I may love as I am loved, as I am loved.


Repeat choruses together