Award of Merit
1992 LDS Church Music Submission Competition

Because of Faith

Because of Faith music image

Because of Faith (SAB)


"Because of Faith" is a nice three-part choir song that is simple but powerful. It tells the story of Alma and his experience of finding faith.

Words and music: Diane Tuiofu

The scriptures tell of Alma's son

Who went about his willful way,

Destroying faith with wicked deeds,

Leading astray God's righteous seed.


Because of faith and fervent prayer,

An angel of the Lord appeared,

Commanding him that he must choose,

To be cast off or heed the truth.


Astonished so, he could not speak,

And fell to earth, his limbs weak.

Then Alma prayed and thanked the Lord,

His son once lost is now reborn!

Because of faith and fervent prayer,

I, too, have felt my Father near,

He frees my soul and grants me peace,

Extends His love so easily.


Because of faith, because of faith,

I'm born of Him again.