Child of Mine

Child of Mine music image

Child of Mine
(Two-Part Women's Chorus with Violin)

Child of Mine
(Soprano Solo with Violin)

Difficulty Level: Medium



"Child of Mine" addresses the pain and doubts that a parent knows when a child goes astray.

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Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

Child of mine, my very flesh and bone

Yesterday I carried you, now you walk alone.

Willfull and wayward, our dreams you've left behind,

Shattered into pieces, too many to find.

How can I believe you'll turn and understand?

Still in my heart, the Spirit demands:



Don't give up; don't cast her off.

She is not lost; she has but strayed.

You cannot know God’s endless ways.

For He is mighty to save.

Don’t give up;

She was His before yours,

And He loves her more than you could ever know.

Don’t give up.

Verse 2

Child of mine, my very flesh and bone

Have I failed in teaching you, things you should have known?

Did I neglect, the trust that God has shown?

Have my many weaknesses, magnified your own?

Still, my heart knows your choices are your own

I cannot save you; that was already done.

Repeat Chorus



The Shepherd will not sleep;

“Til He has found His sheep,

He knows them every one.

And He will bring them home.

Repeat Chorus



I love you more than you can know.

Child of mine.