Now is the Hour for Faith Not Fear

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Now is the Hour for Faith Not Fear

Difficulty Level: Medium



"Now is the Hour for Faith Not Fear" reminds us to hold fast to faith and hope even when times are difficult.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Daniel Carter

Verse One

Now is the hour for faith not fear:

We toil against the deep;

While wind and wave in fury rage,

Our Lord, He does not sleep!

Our daily walk with Christ has shown

His mercies sure and real:

We’ll strive our cheerful best and bide,

His Hand to be revealed.

Verse Two

This is a time for hope not doubt:

In matters great and small

Our God, all-powerful and wise,

Does see and order all.

When soon the veil of heaven bursts

And all things are unsealed,

Our ev’ry sacred sorrow shall

The grace of God reveal.

Verse Three

This is the hour our love is proved,

When nothing seems assured:

Though faith be faded, hope be dimmed,

The love of God endures.

Our Savior this same grief has borne

In suffering heavy, sore;

Now in this telling hour we show

Our love for Christ, our Lord.