He Lives!

He Lives! music image

He Lives! (SSATB) [Key of D]

He Lives! (SSATB) [Lower, in key of C]

Difficulty Level: Medium


"He Lives!" contrasts the darkness and fear that the Disciples of Jesus felt after Christ's death with the joy and glory of His resurrection with a reminder of "His love that
would not die."

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

In the darkest hour ere the dawn,

The garden tomb in stillness waits.

No breath of wind stirs lifeless trees,

No sound the silence breaks.

A voice of thunder quakes the earth.

The guards fall in fear,

The stone rolls forth,

The grave unseals,

From within pure glory spills,

The living Lord appears.



He is risen!

He is risen from the dead!

He lives! He lives again!


Verse 2

In her darkest hour, Mary comes

In tears of love with mingled dread

To soothe the cruel wounds of nails,

To anoint His thorn-crowned head.

On finding that forsaken tomb,

So utterly she weeps.

Christ calls to her with sweetest words,

“Mary,” and she perceives

Her living Master speaks!

Repeat Chorus


Verse 3

In a darkened room, eleven men

Assemble in great fear and grief.

They hear some tell that Jesus lives,

But groan in unbelief.

Now stands the Savior in their midst;

They touch His feet in awe,

And feel His love that would not die,

”Go ye forth,” and testify,

The living Lord is God!

Repeat Chorus