If Not for Love

If Not for Love music image

If Not for Love (SATB)

If Not for Love
(Soprano Solo with Flute)

Difficulty Level: Medium


"If Not For Love" reminds us at the Christmas season that without the Love of Christ, a love that made Him willing to submit to mortality, all would be lost.

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Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu


If not for love, what then would send

The Son of God to dwell with men?

To leave His Father’s gracious throne

And wander earth without a home?


If not for love, why then would He,

The Lord of all, become a baby

And walk among the sons of men?

If not for love what then?


Verse 1

A manger in a cave,

The King of Kings no castle knows.

Swaddling rags for royal robes,

While at the inn the people sleep.

While shepherds guard their sheep

A sudden glory breaks the night

Feels the air with song and light

"The child is born; Immanuel!"



Verse 2

One newly shining star

Summons wise men who will bring

Gifts to crown the baby king

Of gold and frankincense and myrrh.

And while the weary world

Winds its way without a pause

In their midst the Son of God;

His life a sacrifice for love.