Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me

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Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me
(Soprano Solo with Congregation, Piano, and Organ)

Difficulty Level: Easy


"Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me" offers an easy way to spice up a hymn. With an accomplished soloist, pianist, and organist this arrangement quickly dresses up an congregational—or a beginner choir—number.

Arranged by: Diane Tuiofu

Verse One

(Solo and Piano)

Jesus, Savior, pilot me

Over life's tempestuous sea;

Unknown waves before me roll,

Hiding rock and treacherous shoal.

Chart and compass come from thee;

Jesus, Savior, pilot me.


Verse Two

(Congregation or Choir and Organ)

As a mother stills her child,

Thou canst hush the ocean wild;

Boisterous waves obey thy will,

When thou sayest to them, "Be still!"

Wondrous sovreign of the sea,

Jesus, Savior, pilot me.


Verse Three

(Solo, Organ, Piano)

When at last I near the shore,

And the fearful breakers roar

'Twixt me and the peaceful rest,

Then, while leaning on thy breast,

May I hear thee say to me,

"Fear not, I will pilot thee."

Text: Edward Hopper

Music: John Edgar Gould