Joseph Knew

Joseph Knew music image

Joseph Knew (Soprano/Tenor Solo)

Joseph Knew (Choral)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Performed by Jessica Dahlquist



"Joseph Knew" is a stirring tribute to Joseph Smith, who suffered untold persecutions but remained true to his testimony even through martyrdom.

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Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

In the still of the morn he slipped away,

Through the shadows to a quiet grove to pray.

He pondered what to do--

Which if any church were true.

When he returned, the light had dawned

And he knew, Joseph knew.



He knew God lives, for he saw Them there;

The Father and the Son, in answer to his prayer.

Though the hearts of men would rage,

Yet nothing could change

What was true. Joseph Knew.


Verse 2

Oh how glorious the truth for them that hear;

And yet some men would not: they spread hatred and fear.

They cast Joseph into chains;

Tarred and feathered him with shame;

Yet more than this the man could bear

For he knew, Joseph knew.

Repeat Chorus



In a cold, stone cell with a battered door

The prophet's blood bears witness on the wooden floor.

Until his dying breath,

As in life, so in death,

He testifies of Christ.

He knew, Joseph Knew.

Repeat Chorus


I would give my life to know;

I would give my life to know;

I will give my life to know as Joseph knew.