Special Recognition, 2015 LDS Church Music Submission Competition, Relief Society Category

Look to God and Live!

Look to God and Live! music image

Look to God and Live!
(SAB with Piano)

(SSA with Piano)

Difficulty Level: Medium


"Look to God and Live!," is an original song by Diane that encourages us to trust the Lord and serve him..

Diane Tuiofu

Verse One

With arms of mercy, He carried the weak,

Brought healing in His hands to the meek,

Made the blind to see,

Bid, “Come unto me.”


O Savior ease my burden,

Calm my troubled heart,

Help mine unbelief,

Increase my faith in Thee.

Verse Two

Tender mercies sent from above

Assure me of my Savior’s love.

I’ll forsake my sins,

And follow Him.

Second Chorus

I’ll ease another’s burden,

Calm a troubled heart,

Help the unbelieving

Increase their faith in Him.

I’ll serve with more compassion,

My time and talents give,

To comfort and uplift.

I will look to God and live.

Verse Three

In God’s mercy, He sent His own Son.

Through Him came the resurrection;

Through Him was death undone!

Christ paid the price of our sins

That we may gain eternal life With Him!

Repeat Chorus Two with Verses intertwined

In every need I will look to Him,

In every deed I will follow Him, Follow Him.

I will look to God and live, I’ll live.

I’ll follow Him, follow Him And live.