My Garden

My Garden music image

My Garden
(Soprano Solo with Flute)

Difficulty Level: Medium/Difficult


"My Garden" speaks of the garden of the heart, which must be dutifully yielded to the Gardener to keep it clear of pride and free of impurity.

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Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

In my garden, my still, small space,

Weeds have claimed the flower's place.

My straight and narrow garden path

Is choked by vice that finds the cracks

In my resolve.

How I regret forgetting Him!

It's time to let the Gardener in.


Verse 2

In my garden, my soul's repose,

My pride unchecked soon overgrows.

It blocks the light and heavenly dew

The flowers thirst--scant filters through

Pride's deathly shade.

How soon neglect the sunlight dims!

It's time to let the Gardener in!


Behold He's knocking at the gate

My heart I'll open to Him

I'll grow again my sin forgiven

Father grant thy perfect pardon.

Behold He's knocking at the gate

Christ waits with love unfailing.

His hands still bear the marks so telling

Of His labor in the garden.


Verse 3

In my garden, now clear of sin,

I'm free to walk the path again.

Bright virtue blooms, sweet fragrant smell,

Look! In my tree has come to dwell

The Holy Dove.

I'll come to hear His song again

And daily let The Gardener in.


Repeat Chorus