2010 LDS Church Music Submission Competition

A New Star over Bethlehem

A New Star over Bethlehem music image

A New Star over Bethlehem (SAB)

Difficulty Level: Medium

A New Star over Bethlehem (SSATB)

Difficulty Level: Medium

A New Star over Bethlehem (Soprano/Tenor Solo)

Difficulty Level: Easy


"A New Star over Bethlehem" tells of the promise of peace that the star of Bethlehem brought in its service as a sign and a symbol of Christ's ministry.

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Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

High over Bethlehem

A still, small star shines;

Left heralding angels

One glory behind;

Soft now, a tender flood

Of light falls through the eaves;

As babe and Mary rest awhile,

The star whispers peace.


Verse 2

Peace fills the blind child

Who knows only night

As starlight caresses

With promise of sight;

Peace finds the Prodigal

Who ever longs for home;

As peace flows over Galilee,

Do fishermen know?



There’s a new star over Bethlehem,

The darkness undone;

A new star over Bethlehem

For Mary's new Son.

Steady through the night,

Sure and fast,

Leads us safely home,

Home at last,

A new star over Bethlehem:

The promised light has come.


Verse 3

Here on this Christmas

May that peaceful light grow,

A sign and a symbol

The faithful still know.

For in Gethsemane,

His perfect love prevails;

And over lonely Calvary

His Light never fails.