Open Arms

Open Arms music image

Open Arms
(Soprano Solo with Violin)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Performed by Laura Miles



"Open Arms" portrays the painful ordeal of a single woman, with her resolve to make the best of the situation life has dealt her.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

I dreamed like ev'ry child of the life I'd live.

With starry eyes, I dreamed of love to hold,

And love to give.

I never did suppose, though modest be my charm,

That life would bring me here

With empty arms.


I thought someday I'd be someone's everything.

The reason for their sun to rise each day on golden wings.

But now the nights are cold, and never will be warm.

How long can I endure with empty arms?



To never be a mother, to never discover

How to grow one with another In love.

A woman is for loving,

A woman is for giving.

How can I endure with empty arms;

With empty arms?


If time has made me old, time has made me wise.

For life goes on, and I must go on, too, with open eyes.

It's not the love you get

That sees you through the storms,

But it's the love you give

With open arms.



If I never do discover

How it feels to be a mother,

We can grow one with another in love.

A woman is for loving,

A woman is for giving.

And I will be a woman with open arms.

With open arms.