Open Window

Open Window music image

Open Window (Soprano Solo)

Difficulty Level: Easy


"Open Window" is a plea from one who is searching for truth, for someone to bring the needed answers.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

Standing by my window

I watch dark streets below.

A thousand downcast faces pass

Beneath the streetlamp's glow

Can any of them tell me?

Do any of them know?


Verse 2

I read the Holy Bible;

I try to live God's way.

Yet still there's something missing;

Though what I cannot say.

I know I must keep searching;

I kneel to God and pray:



Please send me someone

Who knows the reason why.

Why I'm here;

What happens when I die.

I know there must be more

Than I see before my eyes.

Please send me someone, I pray.

Verse 3

Tonight beside my window,

I watch the sky turn gray

I wonder in the silence why

I'm drawn here every day.

Yet a still, unspoken whisper

Tells me he's on his way.


Repeat Chorus


Please send me someone,

And let it be today.