The Prodigal

The Prodigal music image

The Prodigal
(Solo with Cello and Oboe)

The Prodigal (Soprano/Tenor Solo)

Difficulty Level: Medium


"The Prodigal" tells the familiar story of the wayward child who was welcomed home gladly to his father's house.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

Then the Father let him go

And the Son did not look back.

Still the Father watched

While the dust erased his tracks.

Though spring then harvest passed

And his head grew gray with years,

Still he watched and loved and feared,

Waiting for his son to come home.


Verse 2

Where the road turns last toward home,

There the son saw his first glimpse

Of his father’s house

In the distance.

How could he now return

Clothed in shame, with empty hands

To face his father’s wrath?

How could he ever go home?



Afar off the father saw him,

Ran to clasp him in his arms;

He wept aloud and kissed him:

“My son who was lost is found!

Bring a robe and a ring for this hand

And we will dance,

For my son is home again!”

Verse 3

I have wandered many roads;

Wasted time and promise spent.

Though my heart cries,

"I am not worthy,"

Still a father’s love

Waits by an open road

That will lead me home again.



Afar off the father watches,

Waits to clasp us in his arms.