Seasons of a Woman's Life

Seasons of a Woman's Life music image

Seasons of a Woman's Life
(Soprano Solo with Violin)

Difficulty Level: Medium


"Seasons of a Woman's Life" is a tribute to women of every stage of life, and especially to the wisdom that comes with having known many seasons.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

Time can pass so quickly,

Then, again, some times will pause.

A moment may seem everlasting,

Soon the moment's lost.

But line by line increasing,

After time is dead and done,

My soul will bear the circles of

The seasons I have won.


Verse 2

I've planted hopes in springtime

That were fruitful in the fall,

Yet, other dreams I've planted there

Proved barren after all.

But through the pains of growing,

I remember as I grieve,

The promises were given first

In blossoms before leaves.



Seasons of a woman's life,

A time and purpose to all things.

Tears of winter welcoming

The promises of spring.

The seasons of a woman's life

Are set and known to only One,

Perfected in God's wisdom,

By the workings of His Son.


Verse 3

I sing a song of life

With many verses sad and sweet,

The measures of discord resolve

When the harmony's complete.

I believe when all is known

From the end to beginning,

My song will be a hymn of praise

That now I know not how

To write or sing.


Repeat Chorus