They Are Wisemen

They are Wisemen Sheet music image They Are Wisemen

Difficulty Level: medium


"They Are Wise Men"  tells the story of the Wise Men who followed the star to find the King of the Jews. If we are wise, then we will follow their example of focusing on the heavenly light rather than the cares of the world.


Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Norm Boaz

Who are these men

That make their weary way

Through winding streets

In the fading light of day?

What draws them here,

Across a sea of sand,

To Bethlehem

Bearing gifts from ancient lands?



They are the dreamers.

Their eyes are full of stars,

They left their world behind

Now to seek, now to find

They are wise men.


Two soldiers pass;

They guard the peace of Rome.

A beggar cries as a merchant hurries home.

The stars appear unheeded in the sky;

A world of cares—only wisemen lift their eyes.



To see Christ's face,

To know as I am known,

To touch his hands, baby hands,

That one day would atone—

What would I give?

O'er deserts I would fly.

They gave their gift, yet in their midst

How many passed their Savior by?




Those who seek him,

They shall find him,

They are wise men.