Ye Heavy Laden

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Ye Heavy Laden (Soprano Solo)

Difficulty Level: Medium


"Ye Heavy Laden" soothes the heart with the Savior's promise: "Come unto Me and I will give you rest."

Words and Music: Diane Tuiofu

When shadows fall, And darkness deepens,

When faith is small and all seems lost,

When the light in your eyes grows dim,

And you can't find a moment's peace within.


In your despair, Longing for answers,

Wearied and worn, Forlorn in your grief,

When relief from your suff'ring seems denied,

And you can't quell your questioning why?

Will these sorrows ever cease?

These burdens ever ease?

Oh, hear the words of Christ;

He lives to calm our cries:



Come unto Me, all ye that labour,

Ye heavy Laden,

And I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you,

Learn of Me,

For I am lowly of heart and meek.

Come unto me, all ye that labour.

My yoke is easy;

My burden is light.

Take my yoke;

Find rest unto your souls.

Ye heavy Laden, come unto Me.


In Christ's despair, Facing Gethsemane,

Wearied and worn, Forlorn in His grief,

Though relief from His pain was in His hands,

He pled our cause unto God as Lowly Lamb:

Must their sorrows never cease?

Their burdens never ease?

Then let sin's price be placed on Me

That their souls might be free.


Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus