You Are the Reason I Sing

You Are the Reason I Sing music image

You Are the Reason I Sing
(Soprano Solo)

Difficulty Level: Medium


"You Are the Reason I Sing" tells how love can make life seem new and purposeful; this is a tribute to the power of love.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

Some time ago

I heard a distant song

A haunting melody

I wanted that for me

And yet, time passes,

And oh, the music fades

So many voices

Calling, so many ways

But I have found my voice

And I know what I must say:



You are my song

You are the reason that I sing

You are my song

My secret melody

You gave me words

You heard my heart

And made sweet harmony

Whatever forever after may bring:

You are the reason I sing.


Verse 2

Now here we are,

In this moment that I dreamed,

With just a memory

Of the emptiness between.

Yet, in the passage,

Always, you were with me.

You’ll be tomorrow,

No matter what it brings.

I’ll never find the words and so

I thank you how I know:





Until now, I never knew

Just who you showed me I can be

And now I sing!

That near forgotten melody.