Award of Special Recognition
2007 LDS Church Music Submission Competition

He Knows His Lambs

He Knows His Lambs music image

He Knows His Lambs (Soprano Solo)

He Knows His Lambs
(Tenor Solo)

Difficulty Level: Medium


"He Knows His Lambs" shows us the love and concern that the Savior has for each of us by comparing His devotion to that of a shepherd seeking a lost lamb.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

In the darkness, alone,

A tiny lamb

Wandered far from the fold,

Forgot where he began

Yet when the shepherd saw

The lamb was gone,

He left his fire and folded flock

To go and find the one.


Verse 2

By the light of the stars

The shepherd searched,

For he knew that darkness preys

On lambs lost in the world.

Relentless through the night

The shepherd called,

And wept at last to see the lamb

Come running to his arms.



He knows his lambs

For they follow him:

They hear his voice calling them by name.

He knows the hills and fields afar

Where oft his lambs have strayed,

And through the night

The shepherd calls,

"Come follow me";

He calls to all his wand’ring sheep.

"Come unto me."


Verse 3

In the darkness, alone,

The Lamb of God

Went into Gethsemane

With perfect, willing love.

Then for ev’ry wand’ring lamb

And wounded soul,

Suffering, He learned to be

The Shepherd of us all.


Repeat Chorus