A Sacred Place

A Sacred Place music image

A Sacred Place
(Soprano/Mezzo or Tenor Solo)

A Sacred Place
(Solo with Violin)

Difficulty Level: Medium


"A Sacred Place" is a tender tribute to Joseph Smith that helps us understand the importance of the temple as a place to prepare to meet God.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

One fair morning

When the air was sweet with spring,

Joseph stole to the grove

Ever silent and serene:

A place to clear

The clamor of men’s words, indeed;

A place to know God’s will

And knowing, to find peace.


Verse 2

At first thick darkness

Periled and would overcome,

Then a bright stream of light

And darkness was gone.

There Joseph gained

The wisdom that his heart had craved;

He knew for certain

God had spoken

In that place.


Is there a place?

A sacred place

Where I can cast away my heavy cares

And know with certainty?

A holy place

Where I can hope to hear the Savior’s voice

And see him face to face?

Is there a place?


Verse 3

I too have wandered

That very Sacred Grove in spring

Where the leaves illumined green

Speak softly in the breeze.

And yet the dappled shadows there stayed undisturbed.

I saw no pillared light; for me no voice was heard.



Father the darkness of the world grows ever deepening,

And yet there seems no ready answer to my pleading.

Where is Thy light?

Where is Thy voice?

How can I feel Thy love?

As I ponder, I know where I must go.

For in the temple, I can know

Even as Joseph in the Sacred Grove;


Repeat Chorus

In the temple, I can know

Even as Joseph in the Sacred Grove.

There is a place.