Within Your Arms

Within Your Arms music image

Within Your Arms
(Soprano/Tenor Solo with Violin)

Difficulty Level: Medium


"Within Your Arms" tells of a kind of love that requires eternity to be fully expressed.

Words and Music: Diane Tuiofu

Your love has gently wakened

Me from a lonely sleep.

Each moment you are with me,

I feel like it’s a dream.

You fill each day with wonder

As I see life through your eyes.

I feel as if I’m flying

Because you say you’re mine.



Now here we are

Together for all time,

And then beyond

Into eternity.

Love knows no bounds

When nurtured tenderly.

Within your arms

I long to be.


Through happiness and sorrow,

Through poverty or wealth,

I vow my love unto you

In sickness and in health.

I promise my affection

To honor and defend

Not until our last tomorrow,

But worlds without end.


Repeat Chorus