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Congratulations to Diane! Her choral number for women, Look to God and Live! (SSA) was given an Award of Special Recognition at the 2015 LDS Church Music Submission Awards in the Relief Society category.

LDS Living Magazine has named our site as one of The Five Best Websites for Free LDS Sheet Music. Thank you LDS Living Magazine!

"Abide in Me, O Love of God, Abide!" by Toni Thomas, was given Special Recognition at the 2014 LDS Church Music Submission Awards in the hymn text category.


DEC 25

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Diane Tuiofu & Toni Thomas have been providing free sheet music to the LDS/ Christian community since 1985.

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New Solo Music

"The Daughter of My King" relates the desire for godliness and the feelings of inadequacy that women often have in trying to be the best that they can be; the song assures us that God understands and never forgets us. It's written for soprano with piano accompaniment.

The Daughter of My King (Soprano solo) mt

Award-winning Music

This lovely duet won an Award of Special Recognition at the 2012 LDS Church Music Submissions Awards. Diane gets solo credit—words and music—on this beautiful original song. The sheet music is free, available for download. A minus track, or accompaniment track, is also available for this lovely song.

Be Still and Know That I Am God (Duet) mt

Solo Sheet Music for Free Download

These Solo songs and the Duet ones listed below each feature original words and music. They are suitable for many LDS/Christian worship settings; if you are looking for sheet music for a particular occasion, these songs are also included among the topical guide listings HERE.

Joseph Knew (Soprano/Tenor Solo) mt For Such a Time as This (Soprano Solo)mt The Daughter of My King (Soprano Solo)mt How Can I Keep from Singing? (SSAA & Solo) Watch with Me (Tenor/Soprano Solo)mt Here Am I; Send Me (Medium Voice Solo) A New Star Over Bethlehem (Tenor/Soprano Solo) The Yoke (Tenor/Soprano & Mezzo Solo with Violin) Child of Mine (Soprano Solo with Violin) mt A Sacred Place (Mezzo/Tenor Solo) If Not for Love (Soprano Solo with Flute) The Prodigal (Tenor/Soprano Solo) The Kidron (Soprano/Tenor Solo) The Blind Beggar (Tenor Solo) A Vessel of Light (Mezzo Solo) He Knows His Lambs (Soprano/Tenor Solo) Ye Heavy Laden (Soprano Solo) Open Arms (Soprano Solo) mt She That Loveth Much (Soprano Solo) mt The Open Window (Soprano/Tenor Solo) My Garden (Soprano Solo with Flute)

Free Duet LDS Sheet Music for Free Download

Believe the Savior! (SA) I Sing of Christ! (Two-Part Women's Voices) mt Women of Faith (Two-Part Women's Voices) mt Here Am I; Send Me (Two-part) As I Am Loved (Mezzo & Soprano) Be Still and Know That I Am God (Tenor & Soprano) mt Voices (Mezzo & Soprano) Our Savior's Love Medley (Two-Part)
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